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An Alternative Desktop for Arachne


    I have been fiddling with Arachne screen pages for years. Adding links, extending little utilities and stuff like that. I know that messing about with HTML is not everyone's idea of a pastime, and I thought it might be useful if the main Arachne desktop could be made to be easier to change, and to add (and take away) extra links and functions.

    And this is the result.
It doesn't replace the Arachne Desktop, it offers an additional alternative Desktop.

    Although still a work in progress, it can so far:
Change the background graphic on-the-fly, and you can add your own graphics to the choices.
Add links to websites, or local files, to the "My Extra Pages" section.
And you can remove them as needed, without manually editing anything.

    And I am open to suggestions for future features.

    In the meantime, have a look. The functions do not work without a proper "install", but you can have a look at the general appearance.
See below ......


    The Main Desktop

    The Configuration Screen

    The Help Screen (so far)

Want to try it out ?

An "alpha" APM is available here .