NOID v2.73

 License: Freeware
NOID v2.73

This is a utility to extract the media URL from web pages,
and other domains with similar page code.

At the CLI, type: noid ? to see a list of such domains found so far.
They are also listed at the bottom of NOID.HTM - the output file.

With a video page on screen in Arachne, press F2. Then click on the NOID button.

NOID will examine the webpage code and harvest the media URL(s).
The "live" URL(s) will then be displayed by Arachne.

Be aware, videos from some domains may have a resolution of 1280 x 760 or larger, which may be unplayable on older equipment. If this is a problem, then FFMPEG may be used to resize videos to 640 x 380 resolution, or whatever works in your system.

NOTE: The targeted domains for NOID are mostly FOR ADULTS, though not all.
You may therefore consider it prudent to clear NOID.LOG regularly (see output screen).
You have been warned !!

This version of NOID.EXE can access at least 40 confirmed domains, and at least 77 confirmed feeder-domains. It may access other domain sites if they use known feeder-domains.

If you come across domains where NOID fails to find the embedded media, you might try using NEmedia. If that also fails you are invited to email me (see below).

So many domains, so little time !

© Ron Clarke