Manually Installing MPlayer in Arachne

Create the directory structure

For the purposes of these instructions, it is assumed that Arachne is installed into c:\arachne. Adjust these directions to match where Arachne is really installed, if different.

Create the following directories:

Install the Files


    Add the following lines to the end of MIME.CFG:

file/.wmv              |@call mplay.bat $1
file/.rm               |@call mplay.bat $1
file/.ram              |@call mplay.bat $1
file/.ra               |call mplay.bat $1
file/.viv              |@call mplay.bat $1
file/.flv              |@call mplay.bat $1
file/.m4v              |@call mplay.bat $1
file/.mp4              |@call mplay.bat $1
file/.wma              |call mplay.bat $1
video/x-ms-asf         |@cd mplayer \n mplayer.exe -dumpstream -dumpfile asxfile -playlist $1 \n call mplay.bat asxfile \n cd ..
application/ |@cd mplayer \n mplayer.exe -dumpstream -dumpfile asxfile -playlist $1 \n call mplay.bat asxfile \n cd ..
audio/x-pn-realaudio   |@cd mplayer \n mplayer.exe -dumpstream -dumpfile realaud.ra -playlist $1 \n call mplay.bat realaud.ra \n cd ..

You will note that the lines above do NOT include any video/audio files that may already be covered by installation of QuickView.

At your own discretion, you may add the following lines if QuickView is not installed:

file/.avi              |@call mplay.bat $1
file/.mov              |@call mplay.bat $1
file/.qt               |@call mplay.bat $1
file/.mpg              |@call mplay.bat $1
file/.mpe              |@call mplay.bat $1
file/.mp3              |call mplay.bat $1
file/.ogg              |call mplay.bat $1

And if QuickView IS installed, and you want to use MPlayer instead, remember to comment out the corresponding lines in MIME.CFG that call QV.

Last updated 4th March 2008

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