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Tabbed Browsing for Arachne

Screen Shot

Arachne can do "tabbed browsing".

From the Tabs HELP File:

  "This is not the same as the HOTLIST (H key) or the HISTORY LIST (Backspace key).

  It is intended as an easy means of switching backwards and forwards between websites (or local files) without having to go through a bookmark list or protracted local hard disk navigation.

  The Tabbed pages are loaded from Arachne's cache - this makes the switch between Tabs faster than would otherwise be the case.

  However, pages with a lot of graphics or other additions may not load successfully on the first attempt. Re-clicking on the Tab (or on the same link) should get the missing files into cache, and switching should be faster after that.

  NOTE: Emptying the cache will mean that those files will need to be downloaded all over again.

  Any Tabs added to the left-hand frame do not disappear when Arachne is exited. They remain until you either DELETE or CLEAR them."

For the full HELP file CLICK HERE