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The Basics:

  In this added Arachne function, a Tab is a quick link to a page (local or remote) that can be displayed quickly because it is already, or about to be, held in Arachne's cache.

  This Tab frameset opens with the existing tabs listed on the left, and your Arachne hotlist on the right.

  There may, or may not, be one or more Tabs visible on the left. By default, the first tab (Tab 1) is the Arachne hotlist (usually at arachne\hotlist.htm). Left-clicking on a tab will cause that URL to be displayed in the frame on the right, and that frame will become the active one - scrolling with use of the up/down/left/right arrows, PgUp/PgDn and Home/End keys.

  Each Tab visible in the left frame may be identified by hovering the mouse over it and reading the URL at the bottom left of the screen.

  There is no limit to the number of Tabs that can be added, except the limit imposed by the cache space available to Arachne.

  To ADD a new Tab, you need to put the URL that you want into CLIP.TMP by right-clicking the mouse on a link to the URL, then left-clicking on the ADD link in the top of the left frame.
The Tab will be added to the left frame, but the website will not be visible until the Tab is clicked.
  No mouse ? See below .....

  To GRAB the current webpage (in the right-hand frame) as a Tab, just click on GRAB.
  Use this function as a second-best option - it can be flakey at times ! Most errors are due to a non-linear History.lst (see below).
  The ADD function is more reliable in most cases, but the GRAB function is included for the times when ADD is not practical.

  To DELETE a single Tab from the Tab list, right-click on the numbered Tab in the left frame (to put it into CLIP.TMP) then left-click on the DELETE link in the top of the left frame.
  If the Tab to be deleted is duplicated, then all duplicates will be removed as well.

  To CLEAR ALL Tabs from the Tab list, just left-click on the CLEAR link in the top of the left frame.

About Arachne Tabs

  This is not the same as the HOTLIST (H key) or the HISTORY LIST (Backspace key).
It is intended as an easy means of switching backwards and forwards between websites (or local files) without having to go through a bookmark list or protracted local hard disk navigation.

  Arachne Tabs is still "beta" software. It will not harm Arachne, but it may not always behave as expected.
  Most of this may be related to the way Arachne deals with her History.lst. You can avoid such problems by NOT using (Alt+arrows) or "back" while the Tabs frames are displayed.

  For those with no mouse, putting the cursor on a link and pressing Shift+Enter will put the link into CLIP.TMP.
  Use the F key to move back and forth between the two frames.

  The Tabbed pages are loaded from Arachne's cache - this makes the switch between Tabs faster than would otherwise be the case.
  However, pages with a lot of graphics or other additions may not load successfully on the first attempt. Re-clicking on the Tab (or on the same link) should get the missing files into cache, and switching should be faster after that.
  NOTE: Emptying the cache will mean that those files will need to be downloaded all over again.

  Any Tabs added to the left-hand frame do not disappear when Arachne is exited. They remain until you either DELETE or CLEAR them.

  Not all websites will be suitable for this particular method. Framed websites may be particularly unusable !

  Some problems with GRABbing a website may be fixed by deleting the History.lst before you start. You can also do that at any time, if required, by clicking HERE, and you will be returned to your "HomePage" in the right-hand frame. Tab 1 will still call up your Hotlist.

  While using Tabs, it is not a good idea to shell out to DOS (Alt+E). On returning to Arachne you will get a blank page, requiring one of the hotkeys (H, U, M, F10, etc) to gain control of Arachne again.
  If you have set a hotkey combination to call tabs.dgi, then that would be ideal to use here.

Short-cuts to some Local Files

  Within the Tabs frames, it is difficult (though not impossible) to put local files into the right-hand frame.
  Accordingly, here is a selection of useful, local, Arachne pages:

    Arachne E-Mail Client
    Arachne Help
    Download directory
    Arachne-main directory

  Use right-click and ADD to create a Tab for any of these.

The Culprits

A cooperative project by:
Ron Clarke Email
Glenn McCorkle Email