Index of sundry packages for BL3

gPhoto2 - 894k A program for downloading digital photos from your camera.
Timidity - 8.2M Timidity - a sound program. Plays MIDI files. Includes sound patches.
Requires that your sound card is already configured, e.g. with sb_bl3.tgz
Sb-BL3 - 488k A package for installing and configuring a SoundBlaster card in BL3.
PureFTPD - 172k An easy to use ftp server for BL3, BL2, and other distros.
Also includes pure-ftpd-README.
Pureftpd_README - 73k The README that comes inside the pureftpd.tgz package.
A manual for Sylpheed - 36k The Sylpheed add-on for BL3 comes without a built-in manual.
This package will install a manual and FAQ for Sylpheed (if you have the space - i.e. not using the default 20 MB loop file system).
It is aimed at those using the expanded 50 MB fs.img, where space is a little more available.
50 MB file system image - a 26.9 MB download. An expanded version of the files system image for the loop installation of BL3.
It has a number of applications already installed, including Midnight Commander (mc), Sylpheed (and manual), Abiword, Links2 (graphical).,
Unzip this archive to get fs.img, and swap it with the default 20 MB version, for a bigger loop file system.
kermit-libc5-8.0.211.gz - 761k netpbm-10.26.7.libc5.tgz - 1.6M Two packages from Sindi Keesan.
Refer to Sindi's web pages for a full description.

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