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Some Linux applications that have been ported to DOS

      Name                    Last modified       Size  Description

[DIR] Parent Directory        02-Aug-2008 19:40      -
[   ] elin013b.7z             02-Aug-2008 21:08   1.3 MB         Mik
[   ] links21b.7z             02-Aug-2008 19:52   2.9 MB         Mik
[   ] mencoder.7z             02-Aug-2008 19:58   4886893 bytes  Mik
[   ] ffmsvnb.7z              13-Mar-2009 .....   3.3 MB         Mik
[   ]                 Jan-2013      13,287,185 bytes  RayeR 
[   ] mplayer.7z              02-Aug-2008 20:04   5180198 bytes  Mik
[   ] mplayer/mencoder        11-Feb-2012         11 MB          Khusraw
[   ]             02-Aug-2008 19:47   666 kb         Mik  
[   ]            02-Aug-2008 19:47   901 kb         Mik


Most of these applications have been ported to DOS by Michael Kostylev, but his website is not always on line. This page has been prepared so that these important programs remain available to DOS users.

See also this selection at

ELINKS: Text browser. Capable of SSL. Can be configured to display individual graphics. Capable of multiple downloads in background while continuing to surf the internet. Can resume broken downloads, even from previous sessions.

LINKS: Browser. Can be run as text-only or fully graphical. Capable of SSL. Can run multiple downloads in background.

MPLAYER: Considered by many to be the very best multi-media player. Originally written for Linux, has been ported to other operating systems, now including DOS. Will play local media files and remote files. Capable of playing streaming media if your internet connection is fast enough.
For use with Arachne browser, see this link.

MENCODER: Converts between media types. e.g. .WMV to .AVI/.MPG.

FFMPEG: (ffmsvnb.7z) Fast converter between media types. Updated 25th December 2008.
FFMPEG: ( Recent port by RayeR - January 2013.

7ZA (contained in Compression tool, needed to extract the archives above.
Usage:    7ZA  X  archive.7Z     
- will extract the archive with full directory structure.

WGET (contained in Recent DOS port of the WGET utility.

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