NEmedia for Arachne

    NEmedia (pronounced "any media ?") is an add-on for Arachne.

    Ever come across a webpage that you think (or know) has embedded links to media files (sound or video), but Arachne doesn't show them ? Maybe the link(s) are hidden inside javascript, or enclosed in <embed></embed> tags.

    Irritating, isn't it !

    And that is why I wrote this utility.

It will find the links to the following types of media: ASX, AVI, FLV, MID, MOV, MP3, MP4, MPEG, OGG, OGV, QT, RAM, RM, WMA, WMV, and YouTube movies.

    It will also show links to ASPX, HTM/HTML, PHP, STM and XML pages.

    Get the APM (nemedia.apm) here

    Once installed, when you come across a page with (possible) embedded media in it, just press F2.

You will see two extra buttons in the "save" panel:
"Find embedded items on last visited page (frames version)"
"Find embedded items on last visited page (noframes version)".

Clicking on either will call NEmedia, which will scan the page character by character, line by line, for the media types listed above.

This may take anything from a few seconds to a minute or two - depending on the size of the page and the speed of your CPU.

Arachne will then display a list of all the links found. The links will be "live", even those that appear truncated, and clicking on them will download the file(s).

See a screenshot of a YouTube scan (no frames version) .

NOTE: This display (nemedia.htm) may be saved and used by any other browser in any operating system, as a hotlist.

See also screenshot of a Tadpoletunes scan (frames version) .

    Playing the media files, is another matter. You may need to install other Arachne add-ons, if you haven't already. One important media player is MPlayer for DOS, which will play most of the media types listed.

    Also, watch out for updates to the APM or to just the executable NEmedia.exe

This does not (yet) work directly for MetaCafe videos, and some other Flash/Shockwave-only websites.

However, many of the vids offered by Metacafe may actually be from other sources, and an AltaVista video search may turn up the original source - e.g. youtube - and any AltaVista search results page IS accessible with NEmedia.
NEMEDIA.EXE and its updates:                                         Ron Clarke
Making it work with Arachne, creating the APM and its updates:       Glenn McCorkle

    Requests for extra media types, suggestions, bug reports and demands for money-back:
Email me

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