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UNtube for Arachne

(Turns Arachne into a Youtube/Video.Google downloader.)
(Note: for DailyMotion use NEmedia)


    Because youtube changed the way their pages link to videos, and the previous downloaders no longer work.

    So something had to be done. Glenn McCorkle was able to manually pick through the javascript and develop a way to extract a valid URL using a text editor. UNTUBE.EXE has been written to do that automagically for Arachne.


There is a better Youtube option that goes beyond the capabilities of UNTube. For Youtube, I recommend YTCrack from Fred Macall, and you can get the .APM for Arachne here .

As of 16th September 2012, Youtube has again changed its video links, and neither UNtube or YTCRACK will work.
Normal service will resume as soon as possible.

YTCrack has been updated to cope with changes in YouTube.
UNtube has not been updated, and will no longer be updated for YouTube.

Consider the rest of this page as of historical interest only.


    The executable is called UNTUBE.EXE (to UN-youtube the link to each "headline" video). It is accompanied by an ASCII file called UNTUBE.DAT which contains a couple of characters.
Note: Please do not edit UNTUBE.DAT.

    Go to a youtube or webpage. In Arachne, press F2 and select one of the buttons to press (2 youtube, 2 dailymotion, 2 The webpage file will be "FOLD"ed to deal with any very long lines, then examined by UNTUBE.EXE, which will create an HTML file for Arachne to display. In that file will be the direct link to the video. (see screenshot below)

    If a link fails to work, return to the same webpage, press F2 and press the OTHER button for the same website.
Explanation: Sometimes, while "folding" a long line in the webpage, a file-wrap may occur in the middle of an HTML tag. When this happens in the video's URL, then the URL will not be valid. Each pair of buttons in the SAVEAS.AH file have different values of line-length, so if one fails, the other should be OK.


screen shot

A screen shot of a processed UNtube screen


    This is still in beta testing, but you can get an APM for Arachne here (10th February 2011).
Feedback would be very useful.

    The very existance of an APM is due to the efforts of Glenn McCorkle, without whose help and advice this would not have been at all useable with Arachne.

    The latest available individual files are:
            UNTUBE.EXE (9th February 2011)
            UNTUBE.DAT (9th September 2010)
            FOLD.EXE (from GNU Unix utilities for DOS by Ian Stewartson)
            TR.EXE (from GNU Unix utilities for DOS by Ian Stewartson)


For:     UNTUBE         Ron Clarke
For:     APM-related    Glenn McCorkle

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