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The Extra Utility Collection for Arachne

    A small collection of utilities, not included in the official Arachne releases, that I have found to be useful. It does not include any specific function for which an "official" APM exists.

Note: None of these links will work unless you have inserted the MIME.CFG lines first, and downloaded and installed the files indicated for each of these utilities. Then, they should work from THIS page as well as from this same file properly installed into your Arachne installation.
I hope.

  Empty Cookie Jar and History List
  Toggle Plain Text and HTML
  Create an Index of Images
  Create an illustrated Index of all files in a directory
  View a large Graphic
  Download a File with WGET
  Download a File with HTGET
  Download a File with either of the above (HTGET or WGET)
  Add this Page to Your Arachne

    Note: There are other Arachne extras which have their own webpages. These include:
NEmedia and MPlayer, among others (see above).

  Empty Cookie Jar and History List:
    Clears out the cookies and deletes your history list.

Useful in removing any trace of where you have been, and removes all cookies that have been set while you were there - including tracing cookies and "flash" cookies. Not the same as "Empty Cache" !

    Sometimes one needs a little privacy !

Runs from this line in MIME.CFG:

    file/privacy.dgi       |del history.lst \n del cookies.lst

  Toggle plain text and HTML:
    There are some web servers that have not been set correctly, and they can send webpages (HTML files) as the mime-type "text/plain".

    Arachne is set to accept mime-types in preference to filename extension, so when this happens Arachne will display the full page code as plain text instead of as a webpage.

    Irritating, isn't it !

    Clicking on this item in the Extra Utilities section will tell Arachne to treat anything of mime-type "text/plain" as if it is "text/html".

    Just remember to toggle it back again, or ALL remote text files will be rendered as if they are webpages - and that can be very messy !

    Note: Local text files are not affected either way.

Runs from this line in MIME.CFG:

    file/switch.dgi       |plain.exe

Get PLAIN.EXE from HERE , and place it in the main Arachne directory.

  PIX2HTM: Create an INDEX for a directory containing Images:
    If you have a directory containing a number of graphic images, and Arachne's "gallery" is not working properly, then this utility is for you !
    This will scan through the directory you type in and create an INDEX.HTM of (only) those graphics, which Arachne can display.

    The program (pix2htm) can accept relative links (such as "./cache")
as well as full paths (such as "c:\graphics\secret").

    Note: This is for local directories only, and any pre-existing "index.htm" will be overwritten !

Runs from this line in MIME.CFG:

    file/pix2htm.dgi       |@ pix2htm.exe

Get PIX2HTM.ZIP from HERE , and unzip it into the main Arachne directory.

See also: PIX2HTM.TXT (included in the ZIP).

  DIR2HTM for a Directory listing - includes embedded titles of .HTM, .PHP and .XML files (if found), the first line of any .TXT file, and tiny thumbnails of .JPG, .GIF and .PNG graphic files.
Note:Animated GIFs produce animated thumbnails (if you have enough RAM allocated).

    Note: This is for local directories only, and any pre-existing "index.htm" will be overwritten !

Runs from this line in MIME.CFG:

    file/dir2htm.dgi       |@ dir2htm.exe

Get DIR2HTM.ZIP from HERE , and unzip it into the main Arachne directory.

See also: DIR2HTM.TXT (included in the ZIP).

Alternatively, this utility can be run as a NETDOS application; see Trusted NETDOS Applications

  View a single large graphic full screen:
    If you have just downloaded a large graphic - bigger than the Arachne screen - and it doesn't scroll all the way left/right or up/down, then this addition to the SAVEAS.AH screen might be what you need !

    This function will pass the graphic (gif/jpg/bmp) to whichever graphics program you decide.

    Options include, but are not limited to, QV, PV, LXPIC or DISPLAY

    Edit arachne\system\gui\saveas.ah with your favourite text editor, and insert the following lines:

<!--start resize images-->
<FORM ACTION="file://bigpix.dgi">
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" URL>
<br><BUTTON TYPE=SUBMIT>View large image full screen, without scrolling - single images ONLY! </BUTTON>
<!--end resize images-->

    Note: This is for single graphics only, and using it on whole web pages will just return you to the original page !

Runs from this line in MIME.CFG:

file/bigpix.dgi       |@ QV\\QV.EXE $L for QV,

    or alternatively

file/bigpix.dgi       |@c:\\pv\\pv.exe $L for PV,
file/bigpix.dgi       |@c:\\lxpic\\ $L for Lxpic,
file/bigpix.dgi       |@c:\\display\\display.exe $L for Display,

    or similar lines to give the path to your chosen graphics program.
Edit the path in the lines above to match your system.

    If you have done all that, when you come across a large graphic just press F2 and click on the appropriate button to display the graphic full-screen.

  Download a single file using WGET:
    This is a useful function for downloading a single (large) file to the download directory.

First: Right-click on the file to be downloaded, to put the URL into CLIP.TMP,
then click HERE .

It is particularly handy when a "normal" Arachne download has been interrupted by a lost connection.

WGET can be used to continue the download from where it left off, even days later, provided that:
a)     the server allows resuming, and
b)     you have placed the same file URL into CLIP.TMP by right-clicking on the URL to the file.

    You will need to have installed one of the WGET APM's, so that WGET.EXE is to be found in either arachne\wget or arachne\wget111b, or somewhere similar.

Runs from this line in MIME.CFG:

    file/wgetonefile.dgi   |@wget\\wget.exe -c -i clip.tmp -P download
    file/wgetonefile.dgi   |@wget111b\\wget.exe -c -i clip.tmp -P download

depending on the path to your WGET.EXE.

  Download a single file using HTGET:
    (unofficial APM available here)

    This is a useful function for downloading a single (large) file (from an HTTP: address) to the download directory.     Note: Cannot access FTP addresses.

First: Right-click on the file to be downloaded, to put the URL into CLIP.TMP,
then click HERE .

HTGET cannot be used to continue a broken download, but it can prove even faster than WGET at times. This version of HTGET.EXE has been tweaked by Glenn McCorkle for speed - it may surprise you.   The version used is htget 1.02d, modified. The whole package, including sources, can be downloaded from HERE

    You will need to have placed HTGET.EXE into arachne\htget together with a working WATTCP.CFG, and the file DL.EXE into the main Arachne directory.

    Get HTGET.EXE from HERE , and:
    Get DL.EXE from HERE

Runs from this line in MIME.CFG:

    file/htgetfile.dgi |@DL.EXE \n echo All done ! \n pause

    This use of DL.EXE with HTGET.EXE allows you to rename the downloaded file - useful for long file names - and will check if that filename already exists, and offer a choice of overwrite or rename the new download.

  Use either HTGET or WGET as a downloader:
    If you have set up both HTGET and WGET (above) as downloaders, then this may be used.
It allows a choice between the two downloaders (after placing the file URL into CLIP.TMP), with choice of download filename, as well as checking for an existing file.
New: Can also download where UserName and Password are required.

    Requires that you place DL3.EXE (25th January 2011) into the main Arachne directory.

Runs from this line in MIME.CFG:
    file/getfile2.dgi |@DL3.EXE \n echo All done ! \n pause

  Make this Extra Utilities page part of your Arachne:

    To include THIS screen in your Arachne installation, save this page as "xtrautil.htm" into the main Arachne directory (not in the download directory) and place the following lines into the Utilities page, near the bottom of the page:

<table width=100%>
<tr><td width=35% align=left>
<FONT 3D SIZE=6>The Extra Utilities</FONT></td>
<td width=65% align=left><a href="xtrautil.htm">Details</a></td></tr>

Just above these existing lines:

<HR size=4>
(c)2000 Arachne Labs. Goto <A HREF="home.htm">Arachne desktop</A>.
See also <A HREF="help.htm">Arachne documentation</A>.

    If you already have the above lines in your UTILS.HTM, but the date on this page is more recent than yours, then just copy this page over the existing "xtrautil.htm" file, and add the new downloads and MIME.CFG lines.

Last update: 22nd March 2012

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